Donovan Diaz

Donovan Diaz. Is a full time illustrator and 2D game developer based in Portland, OR, and represented by Jemiscoe Chambers-Black from Andrea Brown Literary Agency. He produces digital illustrations and animations, and often creates traditional art with a variety of different mediums.

Donovan started drawing at a young age, but didn’t take it serious until recently. Art has always been an interest of his, but his journey into an art career began in 2017. While studying business and marketing in college, Donovan realized that he could not deny his creative side. Becoming an artist and small business owner allows him to combine what he learned with what he loves. To Donovan, the point in life is to build meaningful relationships, and spend his time doing what he feels is fulfilling.

Occasionally, when he’s not grinding out art or developing games on Unity, he’s usually indulging in other interests. Those include (and are not limited to); playing videos games, cooking, and hiking.

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