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Hello, the Senpai Studio team are just a bunch of passionate nerds trying to make dreams come true! Our goal is to form a Collective of Creators to create AWESOME projects with and eventually becoming a source of multimedia entertainment approaching all genres and fandoms with artistic perspective. We also want to help creators and talented artist reach their potential by allowing them to be part of huge projects but also maintaining their individuality as an artist. As we grow, we want to help everyone else that we collaborate with to grow as well. We hope to meet and form long lasting relationships with artist and creators of all types to create high quality and passion driven projects for years to come. Although, we may be small now we have big dreams and plans for the future! Thank you all for joining us on our first steps on this beautiful journey!

-Victor Larson


Victor Larson (Senpai Slik)


Victor’s art career started in his early twenties. He took some college courses on the Fine Arts and Literature. However, he never graduated, but eventually over time Victor invested more and more into his art from buying supplies and honing his skills trying to create his own style. His art path eventually lead him to posting on Instagram to put his art into the world. Over a few years he gathered a modest amount of attention which opened doors to the possibilities. Victor was eventually contacted by Mike Waddell with the proposition of working as an artist for “MetaZoo” where he eventually became “Art Director”, but he would Eventually separate from the company to open his own studio.

He plans to offer up his talents and service of his studio, as well as start working on his “NomNom” project which he plans to release and discuss more and more of over the next year.

(616) 820-4121

Isaac Coleman (Senpai Yada)

Co Owner

Cody Falten (Senpai Wody)

Assistant Manager

Cody is the Assistant Manager to Senpai Studio. He helps with all aspects of Senpai Studio. 

Apart from the Studio he is also a rapper/songwriter from St. Paul Minnesota. With a southern influence, from spending a lot of his adolescence in South Carolina, but has found a niche in the Midwest. He is slowly building his repertoire and beginning to do shows as well as release music!

If you have any questions pertaining to the studio he is making himself available at most times so feel free to reach out to him to inquire about artist, events, and projects!



(651) 399-0058

Bryant Slack (Senpai Slack)

Head of Social Media and Event Coordination

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