NomNom Project

NomNom is a magnificent world full of crazy characters, and preposterous places. It is where the possibilities for adventure and intrigue are endless. Let the NomNom Project breath Imagination and Creativity back into the world! Though the world is very far away it is also very close existing along side ours at the same time. Positioned on a crossroads of sorts between different Universes and Dimensions that the world is in a constant state of Evolving and Adapting. Surviving is hard but for NomNom’s inhabitants they manage to find a way to make it work to keep balance with the elements. From the Kaiju of  Mount City, to the Dino the live along side the Races of NomNom, there is never a dull moment!

However, this world is very… peculiar. So we are not certain how it will effect our world. Further study is still needed more info coming soon!

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